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Professional psychological assessment

To have a healthy and happy child is what parents hope for. If a child has difficulties in school it may affect the whole family.

Parents are usually worried if their children show developmental deficits that produce impairments of personal, social, academic or occupational functioning. The range of developmental deficits might vary from very specific limitations of learning or control of executive functions to global impairments of social skills or intelligence.

A psychological assessment consists of various psychological tests, inventories and questionnaires to clarify the neurodevelopmental status of a person.

Typical areas of interest might be:
  • general learning disabilities ?
  • special educational needs ?
  • autism spectrum disorder ?
  • specific learning disorder ?
  • dyslexia ?
  • dyscalculia ?
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ?
  • emotional problems ?
  • highly gifted ?

Following the assessment I assist in finding the most feasible treatment .
In my work I follow the guidlines and diagnostic criteria established by the APA.

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